Adriana Rios 


The Juice Box Yoga app. I was going to try out yoga. I took one class and got overheated, so no more yoga. My most useful app is Spotify. I need to listen to my music. It keeps me sane; I can’t go a day or even an hour without my music.

Ruby Batz 

Assistant professor 

The Enterprise car rental app. I don’t rent cars anymore. I forgot to delete it. Now that I’m prompted, I will delete my other useless apps. Thank you! WhatsApp is a very useful app for me, and it’s free. It’s secure, encrypted and can be used anywhere in the world. I have group chats with my friends and family all over the world—Guatemala, Sweden, the United Kingdom, etc. It’s very close to my heart.

Honoré Arias 


Libby. It’s an app that lets you rent books from a public library. Mine is for the Vancouver library, and I don’t live there anymore. I want to go on record that I support public libraries and access to their resources. Duolingo is my most useful app. It helps me keep up with my second language. The more that you engage and learn with the app, the more points you get, and the more gemstones you receive. You advance to higher leagues. I’m in the diamond league now. It can be very competitive. 

Meta Zagar 

Graphic designer 

Veo. It’s an app for scooters—but it’s in Florida. I can’t use it here in Reno. I don’t want to delete it. I left $20 on it, and I’ll use it when I eventually go back to Florida. Duolingo is the most useful app I have. I’m learning Italian and want to live in Italy someday. I’ve been there many times and love the relaxing pace of life there. 

Will Fleming 

Psychology instructor 

Jimmy John’s. I got the app for the rewards, but I never use the app. My partner also likes Jimmy John’s, but we just never use the app. We do walk-ins for our food. is my most useful app. With the app, I always have something to do. It helps to practice thinking of situations in the future—visualizing things after one or two moves, like in real life. 

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