Briana Day 

Foster case worker 

The biggest thing that I miss about old Reno is the music downtown, like at Harrah’s cabaret. It was a two-drink minimum, and you could see all kinds of entertainment. Downtown was really laid back then. I miss Del Mar Station. You could see local bands play there, and in those days, everybody knew your name. 

Don Bandera 

Retired sheriff’s office pilot 

I miss the old Mapes Hotel and Casino. They never checked our IDs back in the day. I also miss the Liberty Belle restaurant. They had the best prime rib and French-dip sandwiches. The Fey brothers who owned the place had all kinds of old slot machines on display. I miss the Sportsman’s store across from the Gold ’N Silver restaurant. That was the place to buy your sports gear that the school didn’t supply for you. I bought my letterman’s jacket there. 

Clinton Peterson 


I miss the people. I miss Inez (Casale Stempeck) and Tony (Stempeck) from the Halfway Club. They were the ones who introduced me to Fourth Street. They were very unique people. They were kind, gracious, caring and very witty! They had family dinners here. People got married here, had receptions here, and they also had holiday dinners. If you didn’t have a place to go, they would welcome you in. “Some call it chaos. We call it family.”

Blaine Moore 


I miss having less traffic in Reno. There is a lot of traffic that you have to deal with nowadays. Even in the Old Southwest, traffic is backed up today. I miss Reno’s open spaces, like the ranches down in south Reno. Now when you get off the freeway at Damonte (Ranch Parkway), there are warehouses popping up everywhere. 


Kaydin Meyer


I miss the Awful Awful burger at the old Nugget casino. It was cheap, loaded with fries and delicious. Downtown used to be a destination place. Now you can’t walk through downtown Reno. It feels less safe today. 

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